Amer-Sil is a very dynamic, medium-sized industrial company, based in Kehlen, Luxembourg. The company was established in 1970 as a JV between a US company and Tudor Sweden, which makes Henri Tudor one of our Great-grandfathers.
On this side-note, Henri Tudor invented – in Rosport, Luxembourg -, based on the work of Alessandro Volta and Gaston Planté, the first truly usable battery. We are very proud of this lineage.

So, what do we do? We are specialised in Membrane Technology, historically for use in batteries. In particular, our products are commonly called separators and gauntlets. As these products go inside the battery our products play a very important role as they influence directly product performance and life.

On a different note, the world is our play-garden, with plants in China, India (3x), Bangladesh and Brazil. This is rather unusual for a company our size. In any case, it gives us direct exposure to new, exciting but difficult applications such as the e-Rickshaw (the kind of electric three-wheeler you find in India and surrounding countries). Our strong presence in India is the consequence of a successful partnership we concluded in 2015 with Ketex Technical Textiles. Amer-Sil Ketex is not only the market leader for gauntlets but also has strong historic expertise in woven glass fiber composites. This is an exciting and promising technology with, among others, applications in the automotive industry and in insulation for electrical motors.

As we are a technically oriented firm, the above points have given us over time a wealth of insight into the batteries in which our products go, on how to help improve our customers’ products and propose creative solutions. This has become a competitive advantage.
Our industrial philosophy is ankered to the so-called lean manufacturing. We strongly believe in this philosophy and try to breathe it daily. All things considered, our current ‘belt color’ is not too shabby but the road is never-ending of course. This includes a strong focus on quality and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Since 2014, Amer-Sil is an independent company, which has totally invigorated our old bones. Concretely, we have greatly expanded our R&D activities and actually engage in long-term, in-depth R&D, a feat relatively rare for a company our size.
The quality of our Research has been validated by an FNR grant and a European Marie-Curie grant, as well as several patents. As a consequence, recently we have expanded our focus and portfolio of products into new battery technologies such as Redox-Flow batteries (a type of fuel cell) and industrial alkaline batteries. In addition, we do R&D into entirely other fields of applications for our membrane technology, such as Life Sciences. The preliminary findings are astonishing and exhilarating.

Amer-Sil stands for a great cocktail of enthusiasm, novel ideas and ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude where a boring day simply does not exist. Our products are fascinating, with a big impact in our customer’s products, and our markets truly cool. Indeed, energy storage is one of humanity’s big challenges. The same goes for the other markets on which we focus.


  • BioHealth
  • Automotive
  • Materials


  • Universitätspraktikum


61 Rue d'Olm, 8281 Kehlen, Luxembourg



Dr Carole Lainé, R&D Director 30 92 82 34

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